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Shipbroker italy shipbroker italy

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Shipbroker italy - shipbroker italyItalteam Shipping - Shipbroker italy

shipbroker italy shipping agent

shipping agent

shipbroker italy

shipping agent

Italteam Shipping //Shipbroker italy


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We are concerned in the development and growth of the Port of Ravenna, to which we have dedicated our best energies; our company is made up of people who have always operated in this field, following the evolution of the market, acquiring knowledge and experience in order to offer to our clients qualified and complete services, guaranteeing expertise and reliability.

This has offered to our company the possibility to develop and strengthen the position of “partner” of our clients, for who we carry out the whole cycle “door to door” of the equipments and materials used in the realization of works.

Dams, bridges, and roads in Mozambico, the ONU premises in Addis Abeba, the Asmara Palace Hotel in Etiopia, the

trade center and the hotel in Karthoum, the gallery under the Suez Canal, the highway, the water plant and the gallery in Algeria, the dams and galleries in Philippines and in China, the M.Z.S. Italian base of Baia Terranova and the DOME C Italo-french base in Antarctic, are the works realized and other are the works about to be completed to which our company has participated and is participating with its services.

Our Company has reached the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for the activities covering all the aspects of the shipping industry, and the certification of compliance (D.O.C.) of the ship’s security management system for dry cargo ships, foreseen by the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and made compulsory by the London Convention for the safety of human life at sea (Solas 1974 emended) that permitted to our company to achieve a further objective, the management of dry cargo ships.

The advanced communication systems and the updated technology assure a constant presence and the security of the requirements related to our activity.

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